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Hi! My name is Sam,


My own birth, other life experiences and my work as a midwife has inspired me to help all families achieve their own powerful birth and postpartum journey's. No matter what that looks like, I'm here to provide you with the guidance that makes you feel seen, empowered and ready to take on the world.


These labour and birth guides are designed to take away the overwhelm of preparing for birth and help you to walk into parenthood calm, confident, informed and empowered.

Included is:

  • The mind / body connection, how to harness natures pain relief.

  • Powerful breathing and visualization guides.

  • How to transform your birth space.

  • Birthing physiology, how your baby & body works together to birth, how to reduce your pain and have an easier birth.

  • Birthing hormones and how to support each stage of labour.

  • How to make informed decisions and advocacy in the birthing space.

  • Partner support guides.

  • Pregnancy checklists for each trimester.

  • Birth bag checklist for mum, baby and your partner.

  • Birthing choices checklist.

  • Powerful affirmation cards to prepare you for the powerful birthing experience your deserve.

Walk into your birth, calm, empowered and informed.


With tools that will help you transform your birth experience & take charge of your birth! 

Bundle all three guides and save!



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