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Imagine if...

You could walk into your birth knowing:

  • You made decisions during your pregnancy that align with your own unique values and birth goals.

  • You had a plethora of tools with you to face any unexpected curveball that arises.

  • You could walk away from your birth feeling heard, respected and supported.

  • You could experience a postpartum & motherhood journey where you thrive instead of just "survive".

Well, you can stop searching, I’ve got you! I’ve created the ultimate all-encompassing holistic birth preparation for all aspects of pregnancy, birth, postpartum & motherhood.


I will guide you through pregnancy, birth and beyond, helping you reconnect with your Intuition, trust your inner wisdom and have faith in your ability to carry, birth and nurture your baby


What if this is not my first baby?
I know how it feels and

you deserve more

My first birth journey was tough, I left hospital with a 3rd degree tear, struggling to breastfeed and physically, mentally and spiritually broken. My motherhood journey started with months of feeling disconnected from my baby and immense grief about the birthing journey I never had.


Throughout my second babies' pregnancy journey I made deliberate and careful choices, I prepared my mind and my body for birth and I practiced tuning into my body and trusting my intuition daily. At 41 weeks and 3 days I powerfully birthed my 4.1kg second born in the birth room shower just minutes after arriving to hospital. Post birth I felt so grateful for my positive experience, but my motherhood journey was the real transformation.


This time I trusted myself as a mother, my body's ability to nourish my baby, my baby's circadian clock, my need for rest, self-care and self-compassion. A fire had been lit inside me and I was determined to ensure as many mothers as possible had the tools and confidence to take back their power and reclaim their birth's so that they could enjoy motherhood the way it is meant to be enjoyed.


My personal motherhood journeys and the journeys of the mother's I have supported in my community were catalyst that propelled me into changing careers from an experienced nurse educator and manager to a midwife and birth and early parenting educator. To dedicating my life to gathering the knowledge to now support families to achieve the calm, confident, empowering motherhood journey's they deserve. 


You will learn...

1. Birth Mindset

  • Why the way we birth matters.

  • Working through fears & evaluating birth values.

  • The importance of the mind / body connection in labour and birth.

  • Breathing & visualization tools.

  • Partner Support & setting up your birth space.

  • Packing your birth bag.

2.  Birth Physiology

  • How our body birth’s & the stages of labour.

  • How to harness your hormones.

  • Birth Toolkit including holistic pain relief options.

  • Biomechanics for birth, how to create more space in the pelvis for an easier birth.

  • Robozzo and sacral massage.

3. Unexpected Curveballs

  • Informed decision making, advocacy & navigating birth in hospital.

  • Induction, c/sections & surgical births.

  • Routine interventions & medicated pain relief.

  • Utilizing biomechanics to reduce your chance of induction or a surgical birth.

  • Developing a birth map that adapts to unexpected birth curveballs.

4. Postpartum

  • Essential pregnancy preparation.

  • The importance of the golden hour and what to expect in the first week.

  • Breastfeeding, sleep & settling 0-6 months.

  • Nutrition & rest.

  • Creating your own village & the importance of connection

  • Boundary setting & self compassion.

"I  wish this was available for my first baby!

Breathing Meditation
"Sam's masterclass was fantastic, I really enjoyed the practical aspect and having a starting point for a birth plan."
"Sam was incredibly knowledgeable and engaging"
"Sam's birth mapping session was really helpful
"I gained so much info from Sam's session on birthing holistically, I now have more confidence in my body and am less doubtful, Thank you!"
"I learned so much and gained so much great advice from Sam's session, I feel so much more prepared for birth"

Kind words


This birth preparation is for you if...

Your looking for birth preparation that encompasses mindset, normal birth physiology, holistic pain management, navigating the maternity system and preparing for the unexpected.

Youde like some support with developing your confidence, working through fears or mentally preparing yourself for a positive birth and postpartum experience?

You would like help navigating sleep, settling or breastfeeding in your baby's first 0-12 months, or guidance transitioning to this new version of yourself as a new mother?

You want to walk into birth confident, informed, reconnected to your Intuition, and having faith in your ability to carry, birth and nurture your baby!

You will receive

Over 65 pages of Powerful PDF Resources.

 The ultimate guide to a powerful, calm birth.

Powerful printable birth affirmation cards.

Breathing & Visualization Guide


A plethora of checklists inc;

Birth map prompts, hospital bag checklist, pain relief choices & preparing for birth & postpartum guides,


Choose from either one of two private packages or attend a group workshop face to face. Zoom options also available.


20% off any follow-up services including: 1:1 birth preparation, birth healing, TENS hire, postpartum support, sleep support & infant first aid.




A recent study found that women who had completed an independent childbirth program more than halved the use of epidural analgesia and almost halved the caesarean section rate which is amazing when you consider more than 30% of women use epidural analgesia and the caesarean rate is over 30% in Australia.














Upcoming Group Masterclasses

  • Birth to Babe: Masterclass (August)
    Birth to Babe: Masterclass (August)
    Sat, 31 Aug
    Port Hedland Community Centre – Milpaku
    31 Aug 2024, 8:00 am – 3:00 pm AWST
    Port Hedland Community Centre – Milpaku , McGregor St, Port Hedland WA 6721, Australia
    Walk into birth calm, confident and personally empowered with our full day group masterclass facilitated by Midwife & Educator Sam & Lactation consultant and women's health physio Ann.


  • What's the difference between a doula, midwife or birth coach?
    A doula is generally there to provide emotional support during birth. A midwife is a “medical” professional, meaning that the primary focus of their care is on the health and safety of you and your baby. As your birth coach, I function as a sort of “life coach” for your journey into parenthood. It’s my goal to provide emotional support and pregnancy support so that you feel informed and empowered. I also provide 1:1 continuous mentoring that covers everything related to childbirth and newborn education. Examples include how to manage fears, how to find your voice, and how to develop your support team. Of course, I’ll also be there to provide postpartum support, as that’s part of your journey as well (and a very important one). Thanks to my extensive experience in healthcare, I can also help prepare you to navigate the various choices you’ll encounter when navigating the Australian maternity system.
  • How do I know if Birth Preparation is right for me?
    Birth Preparation is aimed at the family whom is after solely guidance for birth and postpartum, this includes but is not limited to; Birth hormones and physiology. Biomechanics, rebozzo & massage. Planning for curveballs and interventions. Mindfullness, partner support, setting up your birth space. The first forty days, including feeding, sleep and pospartum recovery. Guidance is aimed at the family who is after all of the above guidance plus ongoing support throughout their pregnancy, this includes but is not limited to; Planning questions to ask your health provider. Mapping out what support is accessible to you for your birth and postpartum journey. Processing a previous dissapointing birth and planning for a positive empowering birth.
  • Will hiring you affect my partner?
    In my experience, hiring a birth coach will enhance their experience! After all, coaching is not just for you, but for the both of you! That’s why I take the time to teach them about pregnancy support and give them the skills to help you emotionally, mentally, and physically. I also explain what they can expect during labour, birth and the postpartum period. I make it my goal to ensure you’re both prepared for all the “what if's” and confident that you can make informed decisions to get through them! Trust me, working together will help form an incredible bond that will help you start your parenting journey off right.
  • Will you be there for my birth?
    Unfortunately, due to legal requirements, I cannot attend your birth. However, in my experience, I am not your saviour - you are! When I work with families, it’s all about building their knowledge and confidence in their pregnancy. I want you to go into your birth completely educated about their options, with robust plans that will allow you to make informed decisions, ask important questions, and tackle any curveballs that are thrown your way. In the end, my prenatal preparation will far outweigh any support I could give you during birth.
  • Do you perform physical assessments?
    I do not perform any midwifery care while working with you as your birth coach. This includes measurements for fetal heart rate, fundal height, blood pressure, urine, abdominal palpation or cervical checks. That said, I can teach you how to assess and estimate the position of your baby without abdominal palpation. I can also provide my expertise on optimal fetal positioning as well as biomechanics for pregnancy and birth. This includes techniques for maximising the space in the pelvis and relieving tension in the surrounding ligaments and muscles.
  • Do you provide postpartum support?
    Yes, I provide families with sleep, cry/fuss, feeding and maternal mood support by working with you and your babies innate biology. I do this through drawing on skills developed as a possum's accredited practitioner. Latest research shows us that breastfeeding, sleep, cry/fuss and our own mental health are all interconnected. My role is to help make parenting as easy as possible, I help you meet your needs as a new parent by providing you with the guidance needed to attune to and respond to your baby's needs as best as practically possible. My aim to to make sleep easier, help your baby cry less and support breastfeeding with an approach that avoids unnecessary medicalization.
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